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A boy and his dog by Syrdxx
A boy and his dog
By recommendation of ElfOfTheWillows here is Toby and his puppy Archie :3
my older sister (different one than the one that owed Missy) has a dog that looks a lot like Archie, but she's named Eleanor but that's besides the point~
I considered drawing them hugging but I feel like running today so I decided to have them running around and playing :3
now I have to go back to homework so who knows when i'll be back :shrug:
bye for now~
Sometimes by Syrdxx
I promised two or three and all I could get done was two so it still counts that I was honest :3 now on to the comic~

This is a sort of homage to Missy Fu
Missy was my eldest sister's cat, she was a cute little black kitty that was more playful and friendly than any animal i've ever known and the weirdest thing was that even though she wasn't my cat we were pretty close. The rest is kind of self explanatory. When I wake up in the middle of the night my mind wanders and I usually end up in bad places, but whenever I would do that I'd feel Missy crawl into my bed and she'd lay over my eyes and purr on me until I stopped. She was a wonderful cat. I hope the owners my sister gave her to are able to appreciate how wonderful she is and give her the love she deserves. I miss her, but I wish her well and maybe we'll meet again someday :huggle:

though speaking of sleep, it's late and more than likely my internet is going to be cut any moment sooooo GOODNIGHT~ 
i'll see you tomorrow and maybe i'll get another thing posted :3
Linkle by Syrdxx
Just a note for those who don't know in Hyrule Warriors there was a particular scrapped character that would have been AWESOME!


"Female version of the hero Link. Created to be like a little sister to Link" -Hyrule Warriors
I don't know about you guys but I think a little sister character in this game would have been interesting since she would be a warrior as well, so she would be someone that would be able to travel with Link but also be able to handle herself and actually help in fighting. Also as a little sister she could be the cute kind of annoying, like laughing out loud when hearing people praise Link as the hero because come on her brother a "hero" nah XD
Really didn't care for the overly sexualized concept art  for her though -H- I like the quirky and caring adorable little sister kind
There was actually quite a few ideas to model her with and it was really small so I couldn't see so well and this is my final decided model for her :3 
Merrrrr by Syrdxx
it's my unhappy noise

well to be more specific to this moment, it's my unmotivated noise
I just can't bring myself to do anything

it's just a bunch of personal random stuff and overall it really doesn't matter, I just need to bring myself out of it and i'll be back into making pictures and comics for you wonderful people

anyway for now i'm just going to go to bed since the internet it being flimsy right now, and hopefully i'll have two or three things that are more than seemingly pointless updates out tomorrow

by the way I feel i've used this exact pose and background before ... weird
Syrdxx plays by Syrdxx
Syrdxx plays
Hyrule Warriors

Now I'm not hating since I do overall enjoy the game 
... but I would very much like it if everyone would just shut up already!

It's like if you though Navi was bad wait until you play this one, and the worst part is it's not even the fairy that's blabbing most of the time.
I don't know maybe it's just me but I can walk by a group of my allies and they're pleading for help but they're only fighting one little dude and at the same time everyone of my bases is also being demolished because these people are just sitting there and getting killed. I just wish it wasn't all up to me, sometimes they can handle it on their own but I still end up running across the map to help because they just won't shut up and while I'm running to them I lose a different base or outpost. It's good to know when you guys are about to break but until that point just handle it yourselves (lol i'm so mean XD) anyway most of the bad rumors I've found to be not true with this game and I intend to play more but I do end up taking breaks because I just can't deal with all the talking

wow long rant

I hope to be more active soon, until then :tighthug:
when you're going by a dark room or when you're traveling down a dark hallway 

and you think you see a form or figure in the darkness

and then you tell yourself there's nothing there and you laugh for a moment because you think you're being so silly/paranoid that you would think something was out to get you like in a horror movie

but then you actually look and it actually is a figure in the darkness and it actually jumps at you and you scream in terror because holy crud muffins this is actually happening and you are so completely unprepared for this moment?!?!

yeah me too ... dang it mom stop laughing
it's not funny T^T 


Syrdxx's Profile Picture
United States
Ahhh editing bios we meet at last
I've never really been a part of a site long enough to need to edit a bio before, and to be honest I'm no good at it

ello all you beautiful people out there I am Syrd Deux; I go by Syrdxx because it's catchy to me
oi this isn't going to be long is it ... nope

Anyway I'm a little nuts, pretty dang weird, super random, and just all around insane
I love channels/youtubers like the Captainsparkles, Markiplier, Seananners, WHOOKOS, Cry, SoTotallyToby, Slyfoxhound, Nova, simonscat, etc (I DON'T support #killtoby)

I love all music from Avenged Sevenfold to Zedd and everything inbetween (except Taylor Swift ... bite me!)

I do a lot of fanart and have a couple comics out, what I do next is whatever comes to mind or is requested of me, sometimes things planned to get canceled because of time frames

I am currently attending le college so I don't have all the time i'd like to hone skills or get things out when desired

I love finding new styles of drawing to experiment with, but usually end up back at circle heads and paaboo hands

I accept constructive criticism, but don't get crazy people I get upset really easily

If you ever want to use my stuff as reference or for trace and copy I have some conditions: 1 let me know you're doing it, 2 let it be known in the decription of your picture that you did it
Using my stuff but claiming it your own gets you a top spot in my hate list, just let it be known and we're coolio

and I dunno what else to say but even though i've been here a over a year now i'm still a noob so any fun facts about DA or it's functions would be very much appreciated


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