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Darunia by Syrdxx
Is it just me or does the boulder that is Darunia's tummy seem bigger than normal in Hyrule Warriors? XD
Anyway I don't really think that a t-shirt would go over very well on any Goron since their backs would probably cut up the shirt's material but I wanted to make the reason somewhat comical so here hug the belly :3
hmm who next ... i'm thinking either Lana or Agitha ... dunno~
Midna by Syrdxx
I'm so sad this took so long and it's not even that good >H<

At least it's done though so that's nice ^^
I do want to keep doing these and stuff but I have a question I'd like to pose to you guys: what do you want me to do next?

I mean if I get no response i'll naturally assume this is good but is there anything I haven't done or haven't finished that'd you'd prefer come out before another one of these/ before I continue this in general? Also if you guys would like me to continue this is there any character you'd like me to go for or are you guys okay with me picking someone at random?
Tobygachi by Syrdxx
Ah life how you tend to not be fun
I think I may have bit off more than I could chew with this semester's courses T^T but hey I got something done so yay :la:
I've been sick the past week or so but i'm getting over it and to commemorate that I wanted to finish the Midna's helmet ... but that's REALLY hard T^T
so I went back to finish this instead and after a couple hours of working on it I got a "not responding" message from Artweaver. Normally that's not too big of a deal, I just lose everything since my last save but this time when I tried to reopen I was met with a message saying that the file wasn't "valid" and basically lost everything. I wanted to just give up but I redid it and here it is :dummy:
I wish it was real =w=
Ruto by Syrdxx
hmm ... weird that this was harder than I thought it would be oHo

sorry for the lack of content, when major time consuming school meets trying to get a job and they both hop on a extreme emotional roller coaster together, working on pictures tends to just sit in the backseat and stay quiet, but hey there's something so that's good
I don't know which one I want to do next but a big part of me wants to make one of those "doodle dumps" because I do draw random things on paper during class breaks so i'd be nice for you guys to see the kind of things I've been up to :meow:
Zelda by Syrdxx

it's really annoying me -H- but hey I got all the details done relatively well (except the face and I just really couldn't get that to work ^^;) so YAAAY :3

I wanted to do little Midna next because she's really cute but  the details are going to kill me so I think I'll postpone that for a bit XD maybe pick someone with not as many detailed features ... like ... Ruto :1

Oh sidenote for people who've played the game, like generically I'm not the biggest fan of Twili Midna which is supposed to be her natural form and such, I prefer little Midna for the cute and sassy feature BUT in Hyrule Warriors ... oh my goodness ... is it just me or is she OP as all heck?!!! I swear there is no one more capable to wiping out a battlefield with that giant cannon move ohhhhhh it's glorious, her light bar move is crazy too, it's like she has the absolute best range, her speed isn't half bad either, and in general a lot of her normal moves are better than other people's specials or finals.
so yeah just me or is she OP?
something is broken
it's like everytime i put the pen down it in Artweaver something will cause a change in tools or layers and i just cant get anything done, it won't cooperate with me
so I tried uninstalling it and updating to the latest version, i even tried going back to previous versions and the same problem happened I don't know why it's doing this but the short and simple is I don't know if i will get the advent out today, heck i don't know if i'll even be able to do anything
so basically at this point i just cant do anything, i'm going to keep trying to find the problem's source but just don't be surprised if nothing comes


Syrdxx's Profile Picture
United States
Ahhh editing bios we meet at last
I've never really been a part of a site long enough to need to edit a bio before, and to be honest I'm no good at it

ello all you beautiful people out there I am Syrd Deux; I go by Syrdxx because it's catchy to me
oi this isn't going to be long is it ... nope

Anyway I'm a little nuts, pretty dang weird, super random, and just all around insane
I love channels/youtubers like the Captainsparkles, Markiplier, Seananners, WHOOKOS, Cry, SoTotallyToby, Slyfoxhound, Nova, simonscat, etc (I DON'T support #killtoby)

I love all music from Avenged Sevenfold to Zedd and everything inbetween (except Taylor Swift ... bite me!)

I do a lot of fanart and have a couple comics out, what I do next is whatever comes to mind or is requested of me, sometimes things planned to get canceled because of time frames

I am currently attending le college so I don't have all the time i'd like to hone skills or get things out when desired

I love finding new styles of drawing to experiment with, but usually end up back at circle heads and paaboo hands

I accept constructive criticism, but don't get crazy people I get upset really easily

If you ever want to use my stuff as reference or for trace and copy I have some conditions: 1 let me know you're doing it, 2 let it be known in the decription of your picture that you did it
Using my stuff but claiming it your own gets you a top spot in my hate list, just let it be known and we're coolio

and I dunno what else to say but even though i've been here a over a year now i'm still a noob so any fun facts about DA or it's functions would be very much appreciated


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