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don't ask me about my buisness by Syrdxx
don't ask me about my buisness
that's the line right? from The Godfather?
... I dunno I never watched the movies but whenever I think of the word "mafia" I always think of the The Godfather XD
I don't really see Toby as an "inside man" but rather that he is like family because he was good to the family
so during the day he goes out as Toby the Christmas ADVENTurer, but when the rest are all sleepin he goes out as Toby Montoya~
(i totally failed at trying to make it something like a movie poster but yeah this is it)
A Christmas ADVENTure A Nightmare Before Christmas by Syrdxx
A Christmas ADVENTure A Nightmare Before Christmas



I adore the nightmare of the army of the undead Tobys MWAHAHAHA and also yay for the resurrection of Feliz Navidad :3

I wonder if the skit was a one episode thing or if they’re actually going to go somewhere with that :/ the pulsing head part was hysterical ALL OF IT WAS HYSTERICAL XD

Making the image on the other hand was not, I can honestly say that this one was the most painful to make I had a headache all day and for a while felt so sick in my tummy I thought I was going to vomit so it was hard to want to draw and then trying to figure out perspectives and everything (granted, I did enjoy making everyone Toby) but the sad thing is I put so much time and effort into this but you know what it really doesn’t look like it ;n;

oh well tomorrow we go to the “poke center” plus it’s Stephano’s turn for the story so that’ll be nice ^^

lastly umm *cough cough* who’s Bill? I’M SO SORRY but I really have no idea who this guy is >H<

Dust Cake by Syrdxx
Dust Cake
In reference to the Cake Raider ADVENTure:…A Christmas ADVENTure Cake Raider because Matt and Phil weren't in this pic I had said i'd give a picture just for them and this is it :3
When looking for reference images I noticed that you could never really see their faces so I had them put papers to their face with the expression they would have if you could see their face XD
Enjoy your glowstone dust cake~
A Christmas ADVENTure A Fantastic Feast by Syrdxx
A Christmas ADVENTure A Fantastic Feast
Ohhhhhhh I want to draw Toby as part of the chicken mafia so bad, the reason he’s in good with them is because he was nice to George, it’s like a friend of the family kind of deal ;3
I would have actually liked Stephano’s feast but then again Sandy’s was super fancy so that’s nice
That coffee effect though :la: super crazy I loved it
We found out the other day who can and can’t hold their liquor but I find it odd that Elliot can’t hold his coffee XD that and also how Martyn didn’t get drunk over liquor but got wasted over coffee
Sidenote: lol Chicken My Boya
That was so sweet how Lewis gave Toby the chick and lead X3 :icondawwwwplz:
Also HOORAY for son of George~
A Christmas ADVENTure Montoya Strikes Back! by Syrdxx
A Christmas ADVENTure Montoya Strikes Back!


Today I have had quite the roller coaster of emotions, when it comes to the episode I’m very good, when it come to the picture well that was just a bit of a bother XD

To sum the picture complications: everytime I tried to do something, things wouldn’t work. I was on artweaver 5, I uninstalled and reinstalled, went down to artweaver 4, and then went down to artweaver 3 but upgraded through 3 back into 4 and now the only issue is that I can’t zoom in properly so I decided to settle with that and moved on

I feel bad that poor Feliz Navidad died (and in such a brutal manner o-o) but I’m sure he enjoyed flying through the sky with Lewis for as long as he could, honestly I could listen to that whole section when he was flying over and over it was great and Toby got the perfect angle to see it all

Gotta love Stephano (even when he started getting unintentionally saucy with Sandy lol)

The Christmas Spirits would have been an interesting name

For the people playing at home what was your score on the pub quiz?

Last but far from least: CHICKEN MONTOYA!!!! 

something is broken
it's like everytime i put the pen down it in Artweaver something will cause a change in tools or layers and i just cant get anything done, it won't cooperate with me
so I tried uninstalling it and updating to the latest version, i even tried going back to previous versions and the same problem happened I don't know why it's doing this but the short and simple is I don't know if i will get the advent out today, heck i don't know if i'll even be able to do anything
so basically at this point i just cant do anything, i'm going to keep trying to find the problem's source but just don't be surprised if nothing comes


Syrdxx's Profile Picture
United States
Ahhh editing bios we meet at last
I've never really been a part of a site long enough to need to edit a bio before, and to be honest I'm no good at it

ello all you beautiful people out there I am Syrd Deux; I go by Syrdxx because it's catchy to me
oi this isn't going to be long is it ... nope

Anyway I'm a little nuts, pretty dang weird, super random, and just all around insane
I love channels/youtubers like the Captainsparkles, Markiplier, Seananners, WHOOKOS, Cry, SoTotallyToby, Slyfoxhound, Nova, simonscat, etc (I DON'T support #killtoby)

I love all music from Avenged Sevenfold to Zedd and everything inbetween (except Taylor Swift ... bite me!)

I do a lot of fanart and have a couple comics out, what I do next is whatever comes to mind or is requested of me, sometimes things planned to get canceled because of time frames

I am currently attending le college so I don't have all the time i'd like to hone skills or get things out when desired

I love finding new styles of drawing to experiment with, but usually end up back at circle heads and paaboo hands

I accept constructive criticism, but don't get crazy people I get upset really easily

If you ever want to use my stuff as reference or for trace and copy I have some conditions: 1 let me know you're doing it, 2 let it be known in the decription of your picture that you did it
Using my stuff but claiming it your own gets you a top spot in my hate list, just let it be known and we're coolio

and I dunno what else to say but even though i've been here a over a year now i'm still a noob so any fun facts about DA or it's functions would be very much appreciated


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Lewis does a cute squeal
You might need to draw that x3
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